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I am going to talk about a story that it is very easy can get me in troubles with many American women and perhaps Europeans too.

It happens that in 2005 my Wife & I came to Costa Rica to change our U.S. home for the new one in Costa Rica. While I was working in the fields at the nice and warm Province of Guanacaste I received a phone call from my beautiful wife, who stayed at home with our child and pets. She told me that finally she found the way how to improve her self esteem, by having a breast augmentation (boob job), and nose job… When I heard NEW BOOBS, I got very nervous and decided to immediately tell her NOOO, please, but she said there was no way and that the appointment was made, besides that I did not love her, (you know mostly all American women say that, it is not a secret), and that she needed to spend some of her money anyways. So, when I couldn’t say no more, because I knew that I already lost against her will. I said we will talk when I get back home.

In that same evening we had a conversation, but positive, and I must go with her to San jose ( The Capital of Costa Rica).

And we went to see the Plastic Surgery Doctor. At his office, he said that my wife was beautiful, but not enough and the decision of hers was the right one… When I had two against me, I just shut up and let it go.

One week later my wife went for her surgery and I went to work. The next day I went to the hotel at Escazu ( city in San Jose and chosen for many Tourist interested in Plastic Surgery and recovering) and when I saw my wife, I went crazy and I told the nurse .. what did you do to my wife???, she replied, nothing, she will be fine, it is just a small job.. calm down.. no problem. It was true, because my wife got better, yes better for $4,500 USD American and today, she still say that maybe those boob should be bigger and that her nose is still long.. Oh lord, how can I deal with this!.. ” Plastic Surgeons and their jobs! See COSTA RICA AND THE WORLD DISCOVER IT and get to know more of our work in Costa Rica!!! Widgets

In the Trip to Costa Rica

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There is a lot of info that we can give to those who really want to travel to Central America. Costa Rica, today, is by far the best choice. To begin a trip to Costa Rica, it is very important to have all of the arrangements prepared in advance. Connect to the internet (well I think you are already)… ok, type in a search engine for a hotel and car rental (unless you plan to use public transportation) closest to Internationals airports as are: Juan Santamaria in the capital ” San Jose”. or International airport “Aeropuerto internacional de Liberia” in Guanacaste. Remember, Guanacaste is one of the biggest tourist attractions and most visited for the matter of beaches and surfing, bird watching and horse riding or volcanoes and national parks. San Jose, ” the capital of Costa Rica” is also very visited for business men and women, as well of others tourists for the matter of getting to enjoy museums, nightclubs, volcanoes and to travel to Jaco Beach (the surf/party beach) closest to San Jose (about one hour).

If you are thinking that a cruise ship might take you to vivit Costa rica, we think that this might not be your best option, because these cruisers only stay for a day or less, and you will not get to enjoy the true Costa Rica. You need to stay ‘at least’ one week with us for you to say you have been here, and take some pictures so you can share with your friends and upload them for your future references of your trips.

While you make the reservation in one of the choices about a hotel or hotels, you need to think in the rental for a car just be careful and cautious while you are driving in Costa Rica because the CostaRicans are a little bit different to us or other countries. By this, I mean fast and disoriented, and this could be dangerous if you don’t move in the right way with your car). Keep in mind, that the buses here are very low cost and travel the whole country, too. After you make your reservation of hotel and car rental, make sure you did and that it is reserved to a date that you can arrive. Also, check for any time changes from your country and Costa Rica. There are so many beautiful and unique places in this wonderful country for you to visit, but please stay where you don’t expose yourself and your family or friends to not have good lifetime memory about your trip.

In San Jose you can visit The National Theater, The Arms Museum, The Irazu Volcano, The Casona Building, and see some antiques, You can setup a trip to the jungle with a tour operator right from the hotel. You can come over to Puntarenas downtown and take the ferry cruiser with the car and go to Paquera and Cobano and see Malpais beaches, you can go to Miramar and take some amazing photos in the evening and then eat dinner at one of the many types of Costa Rican restaurants. Learn how we eat in here and learn some spanish in a matter of just trying with the local people. Maybe, invite them to eat and some drinks, they are ok, just very fine and friendly people. It is important to know that many Costa Ricans love the tourists and they do a lot to help make your trip easier.

You can come over to Caldera’s Port and take some pictures, get a nice tan, and look at these beautiful views, too.  Maybe you get to jump at ” The Eagles Nest”, Caldera Costa Rica will never disappoint you and your family so visit it soon!

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